Halloween crafts - Pumpkin Patterns

Halloween crafts - Pumpkin Patterns

Trick or Treat Bag
Come in for a "spell" and browse our free Halloween craft patterns. This delightful pumpkin pattern can be reduced or enlarged to fit any bag size, or use a transfer pencil and paint it on a sweatshirt! Be sure to visit the rest of the free Halloween crafts too!

Trick or Treat Bag - free Halloween crafts

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Designed by:

The Pumpkin Patch
by Lori Cagle


    PALETTE: Delta Ceramcoat Acrylic Paints

    Pumpkin Orange Poppy Orange Jubilee Green Christmas Green
    Luscious Lemon Straw Pigskin White
    Bright Red Black Cherry Blue Jay Black
    Raw Sienna Spice Brown Brown Iron Oxide

    Brown Craft Bag Clear Acrylic Sealer Black Permanent Marker Transfer Paper/Graphite

    #12 Flat - Shading #5 Round - Basecoating #1 Round - Liner

Transfer pattern onto bag.

PUMPKINS: Base with Pumpkin Orange. Shade with Poppy Orange. Highlight with Luscious Lemon. Base the NOSE with Bright Red and shade with Black Cherry. C-stroke is White. Base the TOOTH White. Base the EYES with White. Base the Iris Blue Jay and the Pupil Black. Add dot of White. Base the LEAVES with Jubilee Green and shade with Christmas Green. Highlight with Luscious Lemon. Base the STEMS & SHOES with Spice Brown. Shade with Brown Iron Oxide. Highlight with White. C-stroke is White. Base the HANDS with White and shade with Raw Sienna.

CANDY CORN: Base bottom section with Pumpkin Orange and shade with Poppy Orange. Base the middle section with Straw and shade with Pigskin. Base the top with White. Highlight candy with Luscious Lemon.

FINISHING: Spray bag with Clear Acrylic Sealer and let dry. Apply linework and lettering with Black Permanent Marker.

HINT: Pattern can be reduced or enlarged to fit any bag size, or use a transfer pencil and paint it on a sweatshirt!



Copyright 2014 Lori Cagle. Design may be used for fun or profit. This design may not be mass produced for the wholesale market without written permission. All rights reserved.

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