Christmas Crafts - Little Snowman

Free pattern for a simple snowman ornament.

Christmas Crafts



    Delta Ceramcoat Paint:

    Americana Paint:
    True Ochre

    Liquid Stain - Fruitwood
    22 gauge wire (or thinner) for hanging
    thin piece of wood - 1/2" thick works best

    9" long scrap of material - ripped

Cut the body out of wood. "Chunk" the top sides of the wood with a sander. Paint the body ivory. Dry brush True Ochre on all the edges (see picture) When dry, lightly spackle (using old toothbrush) the wood with black paint. Using a stylus or toothpick, make dots as shown for the eyes, draw a mouth with a fine black pen and paint the nose. (add stars if you want from a template or hand draw - use maroon paint) When dry, rub stain lightly on all surfaces, front and back.

Drill one or two holes at the very top of the head and add wire for hanging. Add the scarf from the material scrap around the snowman's neck and hot glue. Easy!

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