Angel Crafts - Make a Clay Pot Angel for Christmas

Craft an easy clay pot angel. The angel can be dressed up in Christmas colors or made in country colors as shown in the picture for an everyday angel.

Angel Crafts

    Angel Craft Pattern:

Clay Pot - 2 1/4 inch tall
Round Wooden Ball - 1 1/2"
Acrylic Paint
fabric for scarf
3" star for wings, 1/2" star for bow
Spanish moss
Flexible wire 7 1/2" long


Turn the pot upside down. Paint only the outside of the pot. Basecoat the pot in white and the ball in flesh color.

After the paint is dry, hot glue the ball to the bottom of the clay pot. Paint rick rack on the bottom of the pot in a yellowish gold (I used Americana paint in True Ochre). Paint both stars in the same yellow color.

Form a loop with the wire for the halo. Halo loop is about 1 1/2" across.

Paint the wire gold. I used Metallic Gold.

Tear or cut a piece of fabric 1/2" wide and make a bow. Glue the small star to the bow.

Using hot glue and Spanish moss, add hair wildly to the top, back and sides of head. Then trim it to look like hair.

Using the wooden end of a paint brush and black paint, give the angel 2 eyes.

Hot glue the bow at her chin. Glue the large star to her back. Hot glue the halo in place.

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