Happy Halloweeny

Halloween decorations - Wood crafts for Halloween

Celebrate the Halloween season with this trio of pumpkins free wood crafts pattern.
A great assortment of pumpkin faces makes this Halloween decoration fun!

Free decorative painting patterns for Halloween

Designed by:

Love Me Knots
by Susan Neal


    Palette: (Delta Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint)
    Antique White
    Georgia Clay
    Autumn Brown
    Chocolate Cherry
    Dark Brown


© Susan Neal
May be used for fun & profit and teaching in class.
No mass or commercial reproduction without consent of Susan Neal.

Hope you enjoy this fun, fast and easy project.
It measures approx. 8 1/2 x 11".

Drywall screws
Delta Matte Finishing Spray
Minwax "Golden Oak Stain" spray

Cutting Instructions:
3/4" Pine - Cut Pumpkins
1/8" Plywood - Cut two stars
11/2" x 11/2  deckpost - Cut a 11" length.

Painting Instructions:
Pumpkins     - Base with GEORGIA CLAY.  Base stems with AUTUMN BROWN
Base            - Base with ANTIQUE WHITE, base stars with PIGSKIN.
Do a light topsand to create a smooth painting surface.

Pumpkins       - Shade pumpkins with CHOCOLATE CHERRY.  Shade stems with DARK BROWN.  Stencil or paint faces with BLACK.
Base               - Shade stars with AUTUMN BROWN.  Lettering is BLACK.

Glue stars onto base.  Lightly speckle with diluted BLACK and then with  ANTIQUE WHITE.
Antique base with Spray stain.  Give a light coat of matte finishing spray to everything.

Once project is dry attach pumpkins to base using 2 drywall screws.