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Christmas Crafts
Miss Raggedy

contributed by Monica Wilson

Accent Country Color Paints:

Liberty Blue - Dress
Light Flesh - Face - Hands
Adobe Wash - Cheek Lines - Bottom of dress - Leg stripes lettering
Barnyard Red - Nose - Cheeks - Mouth - Checkerboard - Legs
Soft Black - Shoes - Linework - Eyes


Base coat all pieces - Drybrush cheeks - Stripe - Line -Dot eyes - Mouth - Checkerboard - Bottom of dress - Stripe legs using a 1" sponge brush - Paint x on shoes dot with bottom of a 1" liner - Letter dress - Sand of edges - Antique with apple butter brown - Drill holes in arms - Nail using tack nails - Wire on block and legs. Splatter with adobe wash, glue on 4" dollie, Buttons
and Nose. Glue on hair or drill holes and curl wire and glue in holes (either or) tie or glue on bows. Nail sawtooth hanger on back for hanging, spray with matte finish spray.


4" Coffee stained dollie (cut in half) - 3/4" blocks - coffed stained - 19 G. wire-buttons - Four wood shims (legs and arms) checkerboard stencil - Bumples rust hair or wire - homespun fabric, flat lace.