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Christmas Crafts Stars and Stripes

contributed by Tammie's Oohs & Aahs
by Tammie Burneo


1/2" Wood and 1/4" Wood
1"x 2" Wood Stake
1" Mini Wood Stars (6)
Scrape Piece of Grapevine
Antique Maple Gel Stain

Cutting Instructions:
1/2" Wood: Flag
1/4" Wood: Frame, heart, and star
1"x 2" Wood: Cut 3ft. For Stake

Palette: Delta Ceramcoat Acrylics
Navy Blue
Tomato Red

Wood Burning Instructions:

I always do my wood burning line work before I start to base paint my project. If paint gets in
any of the burned areas don't worry, I always go back over the lines with my wood burning tool
to remove any unwanted paint after I'm done painting.

1. The stripes on the flag are burned
2. The Frame around the "Stars and Stripes" Saying is burned
3. The White Frame in the middle of the heart is burned

Painting Instructions

1. Tomato Red: Stripes, and frame of heart
2. Navy Blue: Boarder of frame
3. White: Stars, stripes on flag, inside of frame and inside of heart
4. Straw: Big Star
5. Antique Maple Gel Stain: Stake

You can use a spattering tool or an old toothbrush. Dip the bristles in paint, point the bristle end
of the brush toward the project, and pull your finger across the bristles to spatter the paint.
6. Navy Blue: Spatter all white areas.

7. Tomato Red or Red Technical pen: Add words to sign and heart
8. Sand all wood edges
9. Stain all exposed wood edges with Antique maple gel stain

Gluing: (Use wood glue)
10. Glue all wood pieces together (refer to pattern for placement)
11. Glue flag and star to stake
12. Staple grapevine to sign, and around stake

I like to nail all the pieces that are glued; it keeps it from coming apart and adds a primitive look.

I hope you enjoy making "Stars and Stripes"
It's a great pattern to show off your Patriotic Spirit!.
Happy Painting.... .Tammie