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Christmas Crafts Thanks Pilgrim's Hat Pattern

contributed by Painting on Jars by Cindy Trombley


copyright by Cindy Trombley 2002

Paint Palette:

Deco-Art Americana

Black Uniform Blue

Buttermilk Black Plum

White Santa Red

Sable Brown Burnt Orange

Slate Grey Deep Midnight Blue


Deco Art Americana's Metallic paint: Shimmering gold

Delta-Perm enamel Clear Gloss Glaze

Any brand of Gold spray paint
Flat latex wall paint, white or off-white


1 quart Kerr/mason jar, with screw top lid. These are available at
Michael's Craft stores.
1- glass voitive pot, shaped like a terra cotta pot
18" x 1" peice of fabric strip
1" or 2" foam brushes
Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Jar preparation: with a foam brush apply the first coat of the latex wall paint. Let dry overnight or for 8 hrs before applying the second and third coats. Apply the second and third coats of wall paint.

Spray paint the glass votive pot with gold spray paint, inside and out.
Set aside to dry.

Basecoat the jar with Buttermilk.
Basecoat the outside of the glass voitve pot with black. Do not paint the inside of the glass voitve pot with black
After you paint the outside black you will still be able to see the
gold inside and it will give the pot an antiqued look!

Base star with Marigold. Shade with Burnt Orange.
Star tails, paint on with White.
Paint the words "THANKS" IN black.

Blue section of the hatband base with uniform blue. Shade sides of that section with Deep midnight blue.

Buckle: base with the Metallic shimmering silver. Shade outer edges of buckle with black.

Red stripes: base with Santa Red. Shade at teh ends of each stripe with Black Plum.

White stripes: base with white. Shade each end with Black Plum.

Float around the hat and under rim with Sable Brown.

With an old toothbrush, spatter the hat and glass votive pot with white.
Spatter entire jar with Sable Brown.

To finish:

Using a foam brush apply the Delta-perm enamel Clear Gloss Glaze to the entire jar and glass votive pot.
Fold fabric in half and tie around rim to the side. Use a drop of hot glue to secure in place.