Country Angel - Painting on Jars!

Angels fly because they take themselves lightly.

Make this free craft project out of a jar!

Free Angel Crafts - Country Angel

Designed by:

Country Angel
by Cindy Trombley

    This doll is made out of a medium size pasta jar.

    Her head is a 2-1/2"wooden ball

    Her wings are cut from 1/8" birch wood

    Her hair is dried spanish moss

    Her halo is a twig wreath.

    Her head is set on top of the jar,
    so that you can position it anyway you like,
    for some real cute looks!!




1. Pasta jar-7-1/2" tall from top of rim to bottom of jar. 2-3/4" wide on each side.
2. One 2-1/2" wooden ball (for head)
3. Dried Spanish Moss
4. One 4" twig wreath.
5. A few strands of Raffia, to tie around rim of jar.
6. 1/8" birch plywood, 1/8" plywood of choice - for wings
7. Craft wire gauge #19
8. Kitchen sponge
9. Hot glue gun and glue sticks
10. tracing paper, graphite paper, pencil, stylus, masking tape
11. Rake brush for fringe on apron. 1/4" stencil
brush for cheeks, old toothbrush for spattering and
a 2" foam brush for basecoating and adding clear
gloss glaze to seal.
various other brushes for painting on the design.
12.Off-white flat wall paint, brand of your choice.
13.Delta-Perm-Enamel Clear Gloss Glaze step #3
14. Varnish of your choice to seal the wooden head.
15. DecoArt-Americana Acrylic Paints:
Light Buttermilk Mocha
Antique white Burnt Umber
Terra Cotta French Grey Blue
Milk chocolate Prussian blue
Camel Black
Rookwood Red


Preparation of jar: Make sure jar is clean and try. With a foam brush apply a light coat of the off-white flat wall paint. Let dry. If not using a blow dryer to speed up the process, let paint dry at room temperature for at least 8 hrs. or overnight.
Apply second and third coat of flat wall paint. After wall paint is very dry, basecoat the whole jar with Light buttermilk.
Trace pattern onto tracing paper, place onto jar and using graphite paper and stylus, copy pattern onto jar.
Always tape tracing paper pattern in place with a piece of masking tape.

Head: basecoat with Mocha. Dry brush cheeks on with stencil brush and Rookwood red. Add two dots for eyes using a stylus. Eyes are not straight across from each other.

Paint wavy lines at top of jar with antique white. This is supposed to represent a lace collar. Shade under collar, all around jar with burnt umber.

Apron: basecoat french grey blue. Add raffia bow and raffia waste band alternating with camel and antique white. Shade inbetween folds with prussian blue. Using rake brush add fringes with french grey blue. Float over the fringe with burnt umber and then float a gain with prussian blue, both top and bottom fringe.
Stars and heart on apron, basecoat with prussian blue. Add light buttermilk lines as indicated in pattern. Shade around each star and heart with prussian blue. Add the heart and stars to each side of the apron. Leave back of jar light buttermilk.

Star on collar: basecoat terra cotta. With a small peice of sponge, dab on milk chocolate. While the milk chocolate is still wet use another piece of sponge and dab on burnt umber. Go back and forth between the three colors: terra cotta, milk chocolate and burnt umber, until you get the rusty look you want. Shade around the outside of the star with burnt umber.

Wings: paint them the same way you did the star on her collar.
Drill two holes in wings where pattern indicates and run the craft wire through to attach to the back of the jar rim. You can either wrap wire all the way around the rim and end in the back, or twist wire up and over rim, into inside of jar to hold in place.

All sides of jar, float burnt umber down sides. At the apron float prussian blue down the sides. Also float burnt umber around the bottom of jar and at edge of the rim, top and bottom.

With an old toothbrush spatter the jar, wings and head with light buttermilk. Then spatter again with burnt umber.

Using a foam brush apply varnish to wooden head and wings. Using foam brush apply the clear gloss glaze to the jar. Let dry.

Using the hot glue gun, glue on the twig wreath where you would like it and then glue on the spanish moss, underneath and on top of the wreath to your liking. I glued the hair after the wreath. I found it much easier to work it that way. However you want to do it is up to you. Tie a few strands of raffia around rim of jar. Make a seperate bow of raffia and glue in center of rim, underneath chin.
When hair and wreath are glued on, set head on jar, position anyway you like. I do not attach the head, because I can turn her any way whenever I like! Have fun with your new country angel!

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Copyright 2006 Cindy Trombley. Design may be used for fun or profit.
This design may not be mass produced for the wholesale market without written permission. All rights reserved.