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Christmas Crafts Primitive Accents

contributed by Country Thoughts by Jodi Gadoury


? I get all my wood at a lumberyard. It is pine and rough on one side. If you are unable to get this wood just use the roughest available to you or smooth pine. If smooth pine is used stain all edges very heavy.

Cutting the Wood:

? Follow pattern sheet for wood type. After cutting you will "chunk' the edges on all pine pieces and plywood wings. Adjust your blade as if you were going to cut a thick piece of wood. The goal is to chunk off the straight edge on all front sides. Tilt your wood and run your piece down the blade trimming as much or as little of the edges off as you like. The large plywood hearts, sign and checkerboard are chunked after they are painted. To make your checkers cut cut random sizes from your dowel and then drill the center. Dots on pattern pieces indicate drilling. Pay close attention to which project you are working on for proper hole placement.

? Additional pieces not shown on pattern sheets: The blackboard for small sign is made of pine and measures 8" x 3 1/4" and the plywood center measures 7" x 2 1/4". The checkerboard piece is made of plywood and measures 6 1/4" square.

Delta Ceramcoat.  When painting on rough wood do not saturate wood with paint. You can use a household brush or roller. 

Colors Primitive Girl:  Black Green, Medium Flesh, Barn Red, Sandstone and Dark Burnt Umber.
Colors for Checkerboard:  Black Green, Barn Red, Trail Tan, Raw Sienna, and Black
Colors for small sign:  Spice Tan, Black Green, Barn Red, Trail Tan and Dark Burnt Umber.

To achieve an aged effect on the small sign and checkerboard first base coat piece with black green. Allow paint to dry then top with trail tan. Using coarse sandpaper, sand with and against the grain allowing dark paint to show through.

Sand painted surface lightly and very heavily on all edges. Stain back and sides with Minwax Early American stain.  Lightly go over top surface with stain then darker on front sanded edges.

Tin Source: The Cluttered Corner, 212 Main St., Toronto, OH 43964, 740-537-1830. Every day household scissors can be used. Use extreme caution when cutting, edges will be sharp.

Material Source: Colonial Crafts, PO Box 345, Sturbridge, MA 01566, 1-800-966-5524. The apron measures 12" x 10" and the tie is a scrap about 1" wide.

Small Sign: Use plenty of glue for assembly and add saw tooth hanger to back.

Primitive Girl: Dampen Cloth with water. Apply craft glue directly onto material and work into cloth by rolling in the palms of your hands. Materials can be added to project right away
and when this dries wrinkles will be set. Lace apron string from back to front of body through drilled holes. Add apron onto body and hot glue under apron to secure. Tie string around apron and trim ends if needed. 

Cut a piece of wire about 36" long. Twist around neck two times. Carefully insert wire through hearts from back to front and finish by wrapping wire around heart. Add saw tooth hanger. 

Checkerboard: Glue plywood checkerboard in place. Cut a piece of wire about 15" long. Fold in half and insert through holes at the top of the backboard from front to back. Carefully wrap star in place and trim ends if needed. Cut wire for checkers about 18" long. Insert one end of wire through side of backboard and twist end to front. Lace your checkers onto the wire. Randomly bend wire so checkers do not gather all together. Insert other end of wire through backboard and twist end to the front. Add saw tooth hanger.