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Christmas Crafts Patriotic Ornaments

contributed by The Pumpkin Patch by Lori Cagle

PALETTE: Delta Ceramcoat Acrylics

Raw Sienna Brown Iron Oxide Copen Blue Midnight Blue
Bright Red Black Cherry Ivory Empire Gold
Black White Leaf Green Black Green
Fleshtone Med. Flesh Luscious Lemon


Waterbase Sealer Sandpaper Clean Cloth Drill
19 Gauge Wire Transfer paper   Glue
Clear Acrylic Sealer Black Permanent Marker

#12 Flat - Shading #5 Round Basecoating #1 RoundLiner

Sand wood pieces and wipe with a clean cloth. Seal wood with Waterbase Sealer and let dry. Transfer pattern, except lettering. Drill holes where indicated.


Base gingerbread boy with Raw Sienna, shade with Brown Iron Oxide. Icing is Ivory. Eyes are Black. Base the flag with Ivory, shade with Raw Sienna. Base the red stripes with Bright Red, shade with Black Cherry. Base under the stars with Copen Blue,
shade with Midnight Blue. Base stars with Ivory. Lightly spatter all pieces with Black. Glue hands on and let dry. Follow finishing directions below.

Base wings and dress with Ivory, shade with Raw Sienna. Plaid pattern on dress is a wash of Raw Sienna. Base face and hands with Fleshtone, shade with Med. Flesh. Stipple cheeks with Bright Red. Nose is Bright Red. Base hair with Bright Red,
shade with Black Cherry. Eyes are Black. Base stars on wings with Empire Gold, highlight with Luscious Lemon. Follow Gingerbread instructions for painting flag. Spatter lightly with Black. Glue arms on and let dry.

Follow Gingerbread instructions for painting flag. Base holly with Leaf Green, shade with Black Green, highlight with Luscious Lemon. Base berries with Bright Red, shade with Black Cherry. Spatter pieces with White. Add Black dot to berries. Glue holly onto flag and let dry.

Spray all ornaments with Clear Acrylic Sealer and let dry. Transfer lettering. Apply linework and lettering with Permanent Marker. Attach wire for hanging and raffia or fabric bow. (optional)

Wouldn't it be wonderful, if all across the U.S., Americans had a patriotic Christmas Tree!! It would be a true symbol of what we all take so much for granted - our Freedom to live as Americans - at the most wonderful time of the year. And it will be a special tribute to those who lost so much. Please use a portion of your profits from these patterns to help those in need.
God Bless Us All, Lori Cagle