Spring Easter Eggs and Chick

Free sewing patterns - Free Easter crafts

This springtime sewing pattern would look so cute in an Easter crafts display or as a surprise in someone's Easter basket!

Free sewing patterns - Spring Easter eggs and chick

Note: The McGregor bunny pattern is not included in this free pattern.....only the chick and the Easter eggs patterns are free. The McGregor bunny pattern is not available anymore.

Designed by:

Rustic Primitives


I use National Nonwovens Woolfelt. It is really wonderful!

Always work your penny rug from top to bottom when you have more than one layer! Some pennyrugs have three layers of pennies or tongues. Work from the top of your stack to the bottom and end up with more even stitches and better looking results.

Tracing & Cutting Pattern Pieces - Using freezer paper, on the non-shiny side, trace pattern pieces. Iron your pattern pieces unto the wool felt colors needed, wax side down, with the iron set on wool and no steam. Use a pressing cloth to prevent pressing marks too! This will help keep your shapes perfect while cutting out. When cutting out, use very sharp short scissors. This will help you do the cutting in nice even strokes. It helps to cut out around each piece and then go back and cut out individually along the tracing lines.

Cut out the following:
Egg Design #1
2 Large Egg Pieces- Teal
1 Medium Egg Piece- Strawberry Dreams
1 Small Egg Piece- Straw

Egg Design #2
2 Large Egg Pieces- Strawberry Dreams
1 Medium Egg Piece- Straw
1 Small Egg Piece- Majestic Plum

Make other Egg Design with the further variation of these colors or have fun making up your own combinations!

2 Chick Bodies- Mellow Yellow (Old Gold would work good too!)
2 Chick Wings- Mellow Yellow

Machine sew the two Large Egg Pieces and the two Chick Bodies together. Turn. Stuff and stich opening closed with matching DMC. (#382 for Chick)
It isn't always easy to get a perfect egg shape. It will help if you sew around the bottom and top and leave part of the side open for the turning and stuffing.

Stitching Eggs - Blanket stitch around each piece using DMC and the following color chart. See Blanket stitch directions if you have never done this before, located at the end of these instructions. Remember to stitch from top to bottom. Stitch the center design of the eggs first.

Stiching Chick - Use 3 Strands of #382 to sew the wings unto each side of the Chick. Finish Chick by painting with Deco Art's Americana. Paint two Black eyes with the opposite end of your paint brush and paint the beak area Burnt Orange

DMC Colors:
Use 6 Strands each.
Egg Design #1
#3809 Large Egg
#739 Medium Egg Piece
#3809 Small Egg Piece and Center

Egg Design #2
#309 Large Egg
#154 Medium Egg Piece
#309 Small Egg Piece and Center

Blanket-Stitch Instructions - Knot the end of the floss. Come up from the back at the edge of the fabric, catching the base fabric. Go up one quarter of an inch and to the right one quarter of an inch. Do not pull the floss tight.
The second stitch go over and down one quarter of an inch catching the base fabric. Come up a quarter of an inch from the edge just inside the loop of thread.
Each stitch is a straight stitch from the edge of the fabric, being sure that you are inside the thread loop.
Continue all the way around. When tying off the floss, just catch it under a few strands on the homespun.

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