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Christmas Crafts Lady Liberty

contributed by Rustic Primitives

Miss Liberty Shelf Sitter Stitchery
9 1/2" Tall

Copyright 2002

Read through the directions before starting so that you will understand the instructions easier and enjoy making your patterns!

Miss Liberty Stitchery: Cut two pieces of Muslin 7 3/4"W x 10 1/2"H. (This will also allow for shrinkage.) Tea Stain using 8-10 regular size teabags per two cups of boiling water. Add some instant coffee or filtered regular coffee to make as dark as you want it. Let hang to dry.

When the muslin is completely dry. Trace around the doll pattern template on one piece of muslin using the fine pigment pen. Then trace the stitchery design, centering the two different
sections appropriately under the traced pattern. Tape unto a window or use a light box to see through the material. Leave an opening at the bottom. Turn, stuff and close the opening with a whipstitch of matching thread.

Stitch the design using a backstitch with four strands of floss.

DMC colors are:

221 Stripe Outlines, Nose

310 Eyes, Lashes, Mouth, Word

413 Star

Color in the Stitchery, using a dry paintbrush.

The Deco Art Americana colors are:

Lamp Black............Eyes

Cranberry Wine.......Nose and 3 Stripes (Each outside stripe and the center stripe.)

Midnight Blue..........Star

Dry Brushing Directions: Lightly dip the end of the dry Scrubber Brush (These type of paintbrushes have harder white bristles) into the paint. Blot well on a paper towel and brush back and forth some, removing most of the paint. Color areas inside stitching lines by using small strokes, like you would a crayon.

Finish the doll by adding her hair and crown. Cut three pieces of the jute, each 8 1/2" long. Attach to the top of head, around the seam area, by sewing or using a little hot glue. Unravel each strand of jute on each side. Use a little bit more hot glue to style. Trim any ends if needed.

Cut out the crown template and trace around it on a sheet of rusty tin. Cut out with scissors, being careful because the tin can be very sharp. Hole punch in three places as shown
on the template. Using some of the cross-stitch floss, sew unto head by going in and out of the holes once. When you pull the floss tight, the crown will go against the head. Tie off. For extra reinforcement, you can also use some hot glue up inside after sewing.

Keep away from children, decorative purposes only, because of the rusty tin.